Niazi Express is the largest provider of intercity and urban bus transportation services in Pakistan, we understand and dominate the transport business from last 30 years. We have established international and national ventures and now striving to set modern trends in local transportation network. Today we have most modern and luxury fleet in industry. We have a wide network equipped with modern communication facilities, a large fleet of vehicles, professional management, qualified workforce & strategic alliances to ensure absolutely no compromise on the quality of our service. We are committed to providing customer service that exceeds their expectation. Niazi Bus Service is well known for its regularly scheduled passenger service and it is playing an important role in delivering social inclusion, helping people in rural and urban areas for business, trade, career, service, education, training, health, shopping and leisure.


Thanks for visiting our website www.niaziexpress.com.pk. This is a great opportunity for us to communicate about our history and introduction, our success and achievements, our services including Bus Services, Cargo Services, Transit Advertising Services and Vehicles Booking Services. This website is designed to provide you a complete introduction Niazi Express. We are committed to provide world’s best transport system which is safe, reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly and satisfying to both users and operators. We hope you will find this website a useful conduit for information and communication. You are welcome to contact us via the email link if you have any suggestions or comments on our website as well as the services offered by Niazi Express. Happy surfing!



Our Mission is to deliver the world’s leading transportation system, serving the Pakistani people and economy through the safe, efficient, sustainable and equitable movement of people and goods.


Our Vision is to provide the world’s best and most modern transport system which is safe, reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly and satisfying to both users and operators.


Our values represent guiding principles that are the core of who we are as a company and how we approach our work. Our values are at the foundation of our strategic approach to achieving our mission. They guide how we work with our partners & associates and how we treat our team as well as others. In serving the public, we strive to live up to these values in everything we do.


  • Providing strong framework of values, standards
  • Dedication and commitment in each task
  • Constant higher priority to clients’ satisfaction
  • Always concentrating on value creation
  • Establishing strong community relationship
  • Setting modern trends and bringing innovation
  • World-class transport system implementation
  • Reducing cost through economic efficiency